£10 for 30 minutes

Are you out at work all day or unable to walk your dog? We offer a regular lunchtime Dog Walking service, Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 14:00. We will take your dog out for a walk, top up their food and water, and clean up any mess.

We never walk off lead. Your dog will be on its lead for the entire duration of the walk. We do not pack walk. All dogs are walked individually (we will walk 2 dogs from the same property together). Your dog will not be transported to another location in a vehicle, the walk will start and finish at your home address, and your dog will be walked around your local area.

You will receive an automated text message when each appointment is completed, which contains a link to our online portal. On our online portal you can view start time, finish time, if wee and/or poo has been done, photographs, staff comments, distance traveled and a route map (recorded via GPS).

We are currently only offering Dog Walking services to customers that can commit to a regular set weekly pattern (minimum of 2 walks per week). We’re not able to accommodate customers that only want to use us on an ad-hoc basis.