COVID-19 Service Update

Burton-On-Trent Pet Services Ltd are continuing to provide limited lunchtime Dog Walking services, in line with current Government guidance. Extra precautions have been put in place to protect our customers and our staff.

All of our Dog Walkers work individually.

Our Dog Walkers will wash their hands at the start and end of their shift in line with Government guidance.

Our Dog Walkers are supplied with PPE including: a face mask, gloves and hand sanitiser.

Our Dog Walkers will use their own leads and poo bags etc.

All dogs are walked individually (we will walk 2 dogs from the same property together).

Your dog will not be transported to another location in a vehicle, the walk will start and finish at your home address, and your dog will be walked around your local area.

Your dog will be on its lead for the entire duration of the walk.

We will maintain social distancing throughout the duration of the walk, and will make sure your dog does not come into contact with any other people or animals.

We will not enter your property. Our staff will unlock your door and call your dog, they typically come running to the door, excited to go for their walk. Your dog will be returned in the same way, without us entering your property.

Where the owner is present at the property, our staff will knock the door and stand back 2 meters, so that you can release your dog to us. Your dog will be returned in the same way, without us entering your property.

We will not handle your dog other than to slip our lead on and off.  

If it is necessary to wipe your dog down, we will do so with a clean towel.

You will receive an automated text message when your appointment is complete, which contains a link to our online portal. On our online portal you can see start time, finish time, wee and poo data, staff comments, distance traveled and a route map (recorded via GPS).

If you have bespoke requirements, for example you need us to enter your property to retrieve your dog from a particular room or a crate, we may be able to do this, subject to a risk assessment and hand washing facilities being provided.

We are not accepting cash payments. Payment must be made via card on our website or by bank transfer.

All customers are advised that if they or anyone they have had contact with develop symptoms of COVID-19, they must report this to us immediately, and we will suspend their dog walking service for 14 days.

Similarly, if your Dog Walker has or has had contact with anyone with symptoms of COVID-19, they will report it immediately, and they will self-isolate for 14 days. We will do our best to allocate another member of staff to walk your dog.