Why we offer the safest and most reliable Dog Walking service in the area…

Firstly, we never walk off lead. Your dog will be on its lead for the entire duration of the walk.

Secondly, we do not pack walk. All dogs are walked individually (we will walk 2 dogs from the same property together).

Your dog will not be transported to another location in a vehicle, the walk will start and finish at your home address, and your dog will be walked around your local area.

We are a professional company employing trusted Dog Walkers. All our staff are fully insured by Petplan, and are DBS checked.

Furthermore, having a staff team means there is contingency for holidays, sickness and car problems. If your regular Dog Walker cannot attend for any reason, another member of staff will be dispatched to your property.

And finally, we use the latest smartphone app technology, which tracks our Dog Walkers and alerts us if an appointment is not completed on time or is missed. You will receive an automated text message when your appointment is complete, which contains a link to our online portal. On our online portal you can see start time, finish time, wee and poo data, staff comments, distance traveled and a route map (recorded via GPS).

Our lunchtime Dog Walking service is available Monday to Friday between 11:00am-2:00pm.